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Chengdu in Ming and Qing Dynasties


Chengdu in Ming and Qing Dynasties

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In the Ming and Qing dynasties, Chengdu was not only the provincial capital of Sichuan, but also a key player in bringing centralization to Southwest China and ruling this region. At that time, Chengdu had matured in agriculture, business, city construction, and education, living up to its reputation as Land of Abundance. In the hall, items and models created showcasing the palace of King of Shu in Ming Dynasty allow visitors to imagine how magnificent the building was at that time. Also, many exquisite gold vessels, jade articles, and porcelain pieces elaborate the affluence of Chengdu in the Ming Dynasty. Various pieces of porcelain, delicate snuff bottles and decorations reflect how prosperous Chengdu was in the Qing Dynasty.