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Resonating with the Times: Sichuan Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition Seminar

Activity is introduced

On January 30, "keep pace with The Times -- sichuan oil painting invitational exhibition" was officially presented to the audience. 76 works (pieces) brought by 15 prominent artists are the epitome of art and social development in sichuan and even southwest China over the past 40 years. Exhibition set up five exhibition unit, namely "history echoes, age portrait, the world language, geography and identity, traditional reengineering", both from the view of the history of linear, also with professional artistic vision, will be in a contemporary representative of sichuan painting artist's work, not only from the different aspects of theme, language, media, showed the artistic creation of artists, more show their understanding and use of local cultural experience. On the morning of 30th, the exhibition will hold an academic seminar on "history, memory and southwest experience".

Participate in the guest

Lu peng, professor of sichuan academy of fine arts, famous art historian

Peng, professor at sichuan university, is a famous art theorist

LAN qingwei art doctor, curator, young critic

Wu yongqiang professor of sichuan university, famous curator

Chen xiaoxin famous art critic

Yang wei, secretary-general of the annual meeting of Chinese critics, a famous art critic

Wang chunchen, professor of the central academy of fine arts and deputy director of the art museum of the central academy of fine arts

Hu bin, curator of art museum of guangzhou academy of fine arts

Wei dong general secretary of chongqing art association

Xie mu artron art network editor

Han jing, deputy editor of contemporary artist magazine

Meng yao, deputy editor of contemporary artist magazine

Warm prompt

This seminar is limited to 40 participants. Successful applicants are requested to sign up and enter the museum before 9:00 a.m. on the day of the event.