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Recent Historical Period Collections

Liu Xiang’s Saber (Grade 3 Cultural Relics)

In 1937, the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression broke out. Liu Xiang, president of Sichuan Province at that time, led the army to fight against invaders on his own, writing a heroic poetry of bloody national salvation. In the eight years’ war of resistance, Sichuan dispatched about 3 million soldiers, accounting for over 20% of the overall military strength in China and ranking the first among all the provinces. Sichuan army as well as officers and soldiers of Sichuan native left their footprints all over the country. They took part in 22 large battles against Japanese invaders as well as expeditionary operations in India, Myanmar and western Yunnan. The number of casualty and missing of Sichuan army and officers and soldiers of Sichuan native reached 646 thousand, which was also the largest number among all the provinces.