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Ming and Qing Dynasties Collections

Colorful Glazed Attendant Pottery Figurine

Colorful Glazed Attendant Pottery Figurine

The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Unearthed in Wulidun, Chengdu

14.4 cm long, 9.6 cm wide,35.1 cm high

This figurine is placed on a blue-glazed pedestal, with the head, hands and feet not glazed. He has a round face and big ears, wearing a conical hat and a long gown with a right lapel and tight sleeves. The long gown is glazed sky blue; a dark blue waistband hangs on the waist; the belly sags slightly. One hand of the figurine is raised on the shoulder, and the other is holding the belt. This should be an attendant carrying the sedan. It was produced in a kiln of the Colored Glaze Factory.