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Tang and Song Dynasties Collections

Qiong Kiln Porcelain Stem Furnace with Yellow-Green Glaze Yellow-green Glazed Stem Porcelain Furnace, Qiong Ware

Created from the late Tang Dynasty to the Five Dynasties, it was unearthed at the Chengdu Jinhe Road Site. Qiong Kiln, a renowned ancient ceramic kiln in Sichuan, was built during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, thrived in the Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties, and Song Dynasty, and declined in the transition of the Song Dynasty to Yuan Dynasty. Its products were distributed all over the Sichuan basin, represented by white porcelain throughout the Sui and Tang dynasties, under-glaze painted porcelain in the Tang Dynasty and Qiong three-color glazed pottery in the late Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties. It’s designed with a high stem and a lid, which is missing. Its rim and foot are covered with a yellow glaze. The body is decorated with 3-layer lotus petals, impressed with a pattern “flying with a bodhi branch”. A green glaze was applied on 3-layer lotus petals with a thick glaze on each petal’s tip, layering the glazing color and creating a vivid scene. This delicate and practical porcelain furnace is a fine product from the Qiong Kiln Porcelain.