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Tang and Song Dynasties Collections

Half-arm Shawl with Round Patterns of Confronted Beasts and Patterns of Linked Beaded Confronted Birds

Maximum length: 80 cm; maximum width: 65 cm.

Made in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), this shirt consists of two parts: one half is dyed a light color, a typical Lingyanggong Brocade (Shu Brocade), and the other is dyed a bright color, Sogdiana Brocade (Persian Brocade) from western regions. It’s a piece combining Chinese and Western elements. Since the silk threads of the Sogdiana Brocade are dyed with cochineal, its bright color with excellent color fastness earned it great popularity among western ethnic minorities and dignitaries in the Tang Dynasty. This fabric fully embodies the cultural and economic exchanges between the East and West, which drove the formation of new silk styles in China. The perfect combination of flower or grass patterns (eastern Tang) and bead brocade patterns (western Sogdiana) created a new clothing pattern — Lingyanggong. Ingeniously combining two different fabrics into one garment, this shirt presents a unique charm and is a witness of cultural exchanges between China and the West.