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Pre-Qin Period Collections

Stone Rhinoceros

Stone Rhinoceros, late Warring States to Han Dynasty

Unearthed at the construction site in the east of Chengdu Tianfu Square

The stone rhinoceros is 3.31 m long, 1.38 m wide, 1.93 m high and about 8.5 tons.

The rhinoceros is in the position of standing up. It has a strong body, short and sturdy limbs. On the lower jaw and forelimb inscribed rolling cloud designs. As recorded in the Chronicles of Huayang: Annals of Shu by Chang Qu, a historian in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, "King Xiaowen of Qin designated Li Bing as the governor of Shu... Li Bing made five rhinoceros sculptures to deter water demons.” This stone rhinoceros sculpture is probably related to Li Bing's water-control project; it’s archaeologically and artistically significant.