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Man and Nature: Donations from Kenneth E. Behring



Puma concolor




Distribution: America

Endangered category: Least Concern (LC), CITES Appendix II

171 cm long, 45 cm wide and 144 cm high

Also named Puma concolor, it is 130 to 200 cm long. The shoulder height is 55 to 90 cm and the average weight is 42 kg. Pumas feature the plainest fur color within the Felidae family. Large as they are, they don’t roar, but make harsh whistles. Pumas are shy and fond of living alone and in seclusion. They are good at rock climbing and able to swim. Pumas are nocturnal animals, but once have been observed in the daytime. They have diverse habitats, often living in dense bushes and stony grounds. This kind of terrain is favorable for ambushing and hunting. Deer are their favorite food. Pumas often hide in forests and behind rocks to ambush preys. In America, wolves are the old enemies of pumas. They are often defeated by the company of wolves.