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Chengdu from Han to the Southern and Northern Dynasties Collections

Lacquer Figurine with Acupuncture Points

Lacquer Figurine with Acupuncture Points, the Western Han

Dynasty, unearthed in the Han Dynasty tomb of Laoguanshan, Chengdu

Height 14 cm, head width 2.6 cm, shoulder width 4.2 cm
Lacquer Figurine with Acupuncture Points is naked and up-right, with his two arms vertical to the ground on both sides, five fingers closed together, the center of palm facing forward, and standing with his feet in a line. Bareheaded, he has clear eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and ears and his physique is well-proportioned. The whole body is painted with black lacquer, with vertical and horizontal lines carved on it, and small dots marking acupuncture points.