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Chengdu from Han to the Southern and Northern Dynasties Collections

Buddhism Statue in the Southern Dynasties

Statue with Mandorlas, the Liang of the Southern Dynasties,

unearthed at the Business Street of Chengdu

40 cm high, 24.4 cm long, 10.5 cm wide

The front side of this statue is carved with a Buddha, four bodhisattvas, four disciples, two strongmen and two lions. A Buddhist guard is carved on either side. The major statue wears a polished steamed-bun-shaped topknot and halo, an inner robe, a tie in front of the chest, and a double-collared drooping kasaya. Standing barefoot on the lotus petal base, it holds Abhaya mudra in the right hand, with an internal buckle in the left hand. On the left and right sides of the major statue are two Bodhisattva statues. Both wear a treasured crown, a round necklace, and an X-shaped shawl that crosses at the jewelry in front of the abdomen. The upper part of the body is naked, and a long skirt covers the lower part. On the mandorla between the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas are the basso-relievos of four disciples. The base in front of the two Bodhisattvas on the outside is circularly carved with two strongmen, each holding a vajry pestle. Behind the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas is a large lotus-petal-shaped mandorla, above which are the basso-relievos of the Buddha preaching his doctrines and Apsaras. On the left and right sides of the mandorla are embossed two Buddhist guards, each wearing a hood, holding a wand (with a thick butt and a thin tip) in front of the chest with two hands, and standing barefoot.