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Chengdu from Han to the Southern and Northern Dynasties Collections

Stone Bear

Stone Bear, the Eastern Han Dynasty, unearthed in a Han

Dynasty tomb in Chengdu 611 Institute

40 cm high, 31 cm long, 25 cm wide

The stone bear squats with its hind legs on the ground, its left claw on the knee and right claw on the back of the head and a round hole on the shoulders. The bear roars with an air of menace. Its head is in front of the round hole, with the eyes glaring, the mouth opening, the teeth exposed, and the short tongue slightly sticking out. Its ears and mouth have cinnabar paint. Its belly has an annular belly button. The bear is believed to be a mythical auspicious creature that can exorcise evils. It is commonly seen carrying cargo or taking part in fighting in Han-Dynasty tombs.